Serhiy Souchelnytskyi   

PhD, Professor, Cancer Proteomics and Systems Biology for Personalized Medicine

**CAMs as a source of novel drugs and treatments. May the failure of formal studies of CAMs be explained by the lack of understanding that CAMs may represent systemic treatments, contrary to single-molecule drugs?

​Idea: Rigorous scientific study of CAMs may deliver novel remedies for the treatment of cancer.

Here are presented ideas that are of interest for understanding and fighting cancer.

**Concept of Systemic Tumorigenesis

Idea: Tumorigenesis involves transformed and normal components of cells. Interactions are as crucial as transformed molecules/genes/proteins. The rules of interactions may need novel concepts, similar to deep learning, aka artificial intelligence. The introduction of new types of variables may be justified, as compared to the traditional definition of biochemical reactions' dynamics. 

** The “big picture” in biomedicine:

Idea: Exploration of manifestations in biological systems (and in the human body) such phenomena as entanglement and duality of large organic molecules may lead to novel anti-cancer treatments. CERN started using matter-antimatter interaction/annihilation for improvements of tumor treatment. Non-thermal directed-energy delivery may allow precision targeting of only and exclusively cancer cells in the human body, contrary to current X-ray, proton therapy, or thermal/MW/US ablation. Will we have more of such examples?