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      Serhiy Souchelnytskyi   

PhD, Professor, Cancer Proteomics and Systems Biology for Personalized Medicine

What has been achieved?

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This can be in the clinic already now:

1. Functional Molecular Diagnostic (FMDx)

2. Markers for early detection of breast and ovarian cancers

3. Markers to discriminate benign from malignant neoplasia

4. Proteome signatures for prediction of aggressiveness of human breast cancer

5. Implementation of meta-data analysis (systems biology) for individualization of treatment of cancer patients

To the attention of drug developers

6. Assays for monitoring efficiency of TGFbeta signalling-addressing drugs in in vivo models

7. Proteomics-based technology for monitoring of specificity of kinase inhibitors

Important findings reported in publications

8. Extensive contribution to studies of TGFbeta signaling in cancer, from first in Europe purification of TGFbeta, studies of TGFbeta receptors and Smad proteins, to studies of systemic properties of TGFbeta signaling.

9. Reporting proteome signatures of immortalization, high proliferation rate and invasiveness of human breast epithelial cells.

10. New concept for intracellular signalling: first report of a direct interaction between a Ser/Thr kinase receptor (BMPRII) and a Tyr kinase receptor.

11. Definition of rules for the application of systems biology to proteomics.