Вік живи - вік учись (Life is learning)

      Serhiy Souchelnytskyi   

PhD, Professor, Cancer Proteomics and Systems Biology for Personalized Medicine

When a satellite is blinking its way through the stars on the night sky, it’s an excellent illustration of what the knowledge may achieve. We are learning. We can send a man in  the cosmos and land him on the Moon. However, we still do not understand why humans are cursed with cancer, and why cancer still kills people. Why do we have this disease at all? Despite our vast knowledge, why the battle on cancer has not been won yet?

Cancer can be treated. As any other disease, cancer has mechanisms of its initiation and development. What has to be done to win the battle on cancer? Can we improve anti-cancer treatment with already available knowledge? How to do that? Can we explore novel directions to eradication of cancer?

Life is an amazing phenomenon. What is the human biology in the context of life? What is the life in the context of what we know about the Universe? Do events in the big cosmos and in small elementary particles have an impact on the human physiology? Can we use “outside the box” ideas for solving cancer challenges?

These questions are of my interest. Science generates amazing information about all aspects of the life. Some of this information may be already used to help patients, e.g. FMDx, and some information indicates that we may be standing in a front of revolutionary discoveries.

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Serhiy Souchelnytskyi